Imperial Cat Cat 'n Around

Whoever said Fido gets to have all the fun?

Toughie the Mouse

Clever Cat ´n Around toys cater to a cat's playful side and provide hours of stimulation and fun. Durable, long lasting materials and premium all-natural catnip keep cats coming back for more. From interactive wand teasers to plush and refillable toys, Cat ´n Around toys captivate cats and kick boredom out the door!

100% Cat Approved

Cat ´n Around toys by Imperial Cat appeal to your cat's senses. Our smart, engaging toys satisfy a cat's instinctual desire to hunt. Our catnip toys are stuffed with potent all-natural catnip. All of which have been tested by our team of office cats with their approval!

We offer a wide selection of Cat ´n Around Toys at Imperial Cat

Everything from refillable catnip toys to interactive toys, we've got it covered!

Catnip Combos by Imperial Cat

Catnip Combo Toys
Available in many styles. Feather Hedgehog and
Catnip Snake Duo (both shown).

Tease ´n Wands by Imperial Cat

Tease ´n Wands
Provides hours of entertainment for you
and kitty. Watch as your cat bats and paws
at these interactive wands. Marabou Wand,
Feather Wands, and Fiesta Wand shown.

Seasonal Catnip Toys by Imperial Cat

Seasonal Toys
Packed with our potent all-natural catnip, these toys are guaranteed to kick boredom out the door!

Organic Catnip Toys by Imperial Cat

All- Natural USA Grown Catnip Cat Toys
Stuffed with our all-natural catnip,
these toys are sure to kick boredom out
door! Goldie, Ladybug, Jilly Jellyfish, and
Jitters. Other catnip toys available.

Refillable Catnip Toys by Imperial Cat

Refillable Catnip Toys
Our Refillable Catnip Toys feature a side
closure for catnip refills. Comes stuffed
with our all-natural catnip. Sam
the Snowman, Claude the Mouse, Toughie,
Bobber, Stinker and Slither ´n Snake shown.

Point of Purchase Toys by Imperial Cat

Point of Purchase Toys
You may see Cat ´n Around toys by the
register the next time you are at your
favorite pet supply store! Kitty Stars
shown above!